Daniel Tatita Marquez

  Montevideo, Uruguay

Daniel Tatita Marquez

Daniel Marquez was a consulted artist for the selection of Candombe as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. He attended Escuela Municipal de Musica de Montevideo, Escuela Universitaria de Musica and Universidad of Sao Paulo.He has studied with: Giovanni Hidalgo,Richie Flores,Ralph Irizarry,Marvin Diz,Johny Almendra,Renato Thoms,and John Wooton.Tatita has presented 14 projects of investigation on Candombe and has released 8 albums in different candombe genres.He has performed at The World Cup in South Africa in 2010,Expo Yeosu 2012 Korea,Festival SXSW Austin in 2013,Expo Inter in Porto Alegre 2013, Feria Internacional del Libro in La Havana in 2016 and PASIC.He created an electronic show in 2005 ‘Candombe Electronico’ later selected for the show ‘Q’ Viva the Chosen’.Mr. Marquez plays in Jaime Roos’ band ‘3 Millones’,has recorded in Martin Cohen’s studio in New York and has won the Graffiti award for his album ‘Mukunda’. Candombe Around The World is his latest project.

clipboard_20pxSession: Daytime Showcase Concert
Candombe Around the World

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Room 109

Latin Percussion, Joan Fernandez Tambores, Pinkyum Cajones

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