David Harvey

Lowell, MA

David Harvey

Marimbist David Harvey is an authority on the history of the Marimba and Xylophone. Mr. Harvey has 40 years experience researching and preserving the legacy of rosewood keyboard music and development, as well as those performers from the past.

In the 1970’s, David Harvey interviewed many surviving marimbists and xylophonists from the early part of the 20th century. Harvey also has investigated all possible source materials left behind by the marimba and xylophone’s progress, including instruments, sound recordings, sheet music, films, photographs, method books, press releases, books, letters, catalogs, and more.


Educational article in Percussive Notes, June 1993.
Contributor to Bill Cahn’s discography, “The Xylophone in Acoustic Recordings.”
Contributor to Mutsumi Tsuuzaki’s book, “Xylophone Days.”
Producer of 6 CD set, The Green Brothers’ Collection” for Xylophonia Co.
Founder-administrator of Facebook group, “Marimba and Xylophone History.”

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Marimba and Xylophone History

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