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Elizabeth DeLamater


Elizabeth DeLamater teaches at the University of West Indies in Trinidad & Tobago and the International Music Camp. Her 2019 appearances include the Honduras Internacional Festival de Percusión, the Universidad de Panamá, and the Northwest Percussion Festival. She recently recorded Nicholaus Meyer’s new music for marimba, for release in spring 2020. Elizabeth’s diverse performance experience includes Crossing 32nd Street, the Madison Symphony Orchestra, and the Phoenix Symphony, and has performed and studied in Japan, Trinidad & Tobago and West Africa. She has been published by Instrumentalist, Percussive Notes, Rhythm! Scene, and Panpress, and hosts/ produces the Art Lives Podcast. Elizabeth has performed and presented at multiple PASICs in the past, and serves on the Percussive Arts Society Diversity Alliance and the PAS Health & Wellness Committee. Elizabeth is proud to endorse Black Swamp Percussion, Innovative Percussion, Remo, and Zildjian. 

DMA: Arizona State, MM: Florida State, BM: NIU.

ABOUT THE PANEL: #MeToo: Recognizing, Preventing and Responding to Harassment in our Field

Presented by the PAS Diversity Alliance, this panel of experts will explore how sexual harassment can manifest in our educational and professional spaces, how we can help to prevent it, and how best to respond to it if it happens. Students and professionals will benefit from this conversation about how we can create a healthier, more welcoming environment for all percussionists.

Elizabeth DeLamater 

Dr. Julie Hill, a past-PAS president, university music department chair, Leadership point person of Diversity Alliance 

Kimberly Jeselskis, Esquire, employment law expert and registered Civil Mediator

Dr. Sean Daniels, professional performer, university educator, Racial Diversity point person of Diversity Alliance

Jaime Esposito, professional performer, high school & private studio educator, LGBTQA+ point person of Diversity Alliance

Dr. Renee Keller, professional performer, educator, researcher and Women’s Concerns point person of Diversity Alliance



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August 30, 2019