Focus Day Panel Discussion

Focus Day Panel Discussion

The New Music/Research Committee oversees the PASIC Focus Day activities including theme development, artistic programming, panel development, and production. It is the mission of the New Music/Research Committee to propose creative, innovative, and imaginative themes that allow Focus Day hosts to explore programming that exposes new compositional trends and challenges and provokes audiences, while maintaining connections to the historically significant composers and performers who together shaped the contemporary art-form of new music for percussion.

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clipboard_20pxSession: Panel Discussion
“The Shrinking Atlantic?: Europe and America in Contemporary Percussive Art”

profile_20pxModerator: Bill Sallak
Panelists: Christopher Adler, Aiyun Huang, Henrik Larson

clock_20pxDate & Location
Room 201

PAS New Music Research Committee, University of Wisconsin—Green Bay

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