Katelyn King

switzerland35 Bern, Switzerland

Katelyn King

Katelyn King will select 5 movements-about 7 minutes in length-to be performed from Christopher Adler’s new work, Zaum Box. Zaum Box is a collection of ten compositions ranging in length from seventeen seconds to eight minutes, each scored for solo percussionist who orates Russian Futurist poetry while performing on a variety of instruments and devices. The work was commissioned by percussionists Katelyn King and Alexv Rolfe for the speak/strike project. Zaum, or ‘trans-rational’ language, was developed by poet Alexei Kruchenykh in 1913, who asserted that ordinary language could not express the thoughts of the modern mind in a state of inspiration. Speech, percussive technique, instrument selection, and the visual appearance of the score are all subject to creative disruption in the spirit of zaum. Performers design trajectories of movement by choosing which of the compositions to perform, their order, many of the instruments, and their physical placement.

clipboard_20pxSession: Focus Day Performance Piece
Katelyn King performs Christopher Adler’s new work: Zaum Box

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Wabash Ballroom

Pustjens Percussion Products, Adams Musical Instruments, Innovative Percussion Inc., Korogi/Concorde, Amsterdam Marimba Weekend, Pearl/Adams

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