USA35  Seattle, WA


Nief-Norf is a multi-tiered contemporary music organization devoted to fostering creative collaboration among musical interpreters, composers, and scholars. Through performances, commissions, and educational programs, Nief-Norf aims to cultivate and propagate imaginative musical work. Formed in 2005, Nief-Norf was born from the vision of percussionists Andrew Bliss and Kerry O’Brien, who took the ensemble’s name from a descriptor of strange sounds: some say “bleep-blop,” they prefer “Nief-Norf.” This onomatopoetic neologism came to stand for any new music that was experimental or unusual. The ensemble officially specializes in all things “norf.”

clipboard_20pxSession: Focus Day Performance Piece
“b” by Simon Loffler

clock_20pxDate & Location
Wabash Ballroom

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