Nikki Glaspie

New York, NY

Nikki Glaspie

“Being a musician is not only something that you do, it’s something that you are.” Nikki Glaspie

Sorceress. Alchemist. Beat Conductor. Funk Philosopher. Seneschal of Style. Purveyor of Pocket. Child of God. Agent of Love.

Nikki Glaspie is many things to many people, not least of which being among the premier drummers in music today. She has touched countless lives, laying down the groove for us to live our lives. Glaspie has played behind and alongside musical luminaries amid an array of genres, cities and scenes. As a founding member of The Nth Power, she continues blazing a path of light behind the kit, leaving a trail of fire behind her, and rolling waves of love in her wake. Nikki is already living legend, well before her fortieth birthday; and her name rings out among an impressive array of collaborators, calling to all corners of the globe.

clipboard_20pxSession: Clinic/Performance
Music: The Science of Making People Feel – A Full Exploration of Drumming Within the Music

clock_20pxDate & Location
Ballroom 500

Zildjian Company, Remo Inc., Vater Percussion Inc., Yamaha Corporation of America

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