Sam Houston Percussion Group

Huntsville, TX

Sam Houston Percussion Group

The Sam Houston Percussion Group, under the direction of John Lane, is the premiere percussion ensemble at Sam Houston State University. Comprised of a select group of students, the ensemble is featured regularly on the SHSU Contemporary Music Festival. Dedicated to bringing about and championing new and imaginative repertoire for percussion, the Group has worked alongside and commissioned composers such as John Luther Adams, Mark Applebaum, Monica Pearce, David Adams, Wenhui Xie, Jeff Herriott, Kyle Gann and Peter Garland. Interdisciplinary collaborations have also played a key role in expanding opportunities for students to work alongside other artists including visual artists, dancers, filmmakers, and poets. Through the Academic Community Engagement program, students actively promote the arts in the local community through performances and collaborations with organizations such as The Wynne Home Arts Center, as well as working to develop programs and partnerships internationally.

clipboard_20pxSession: Focus Day Performance Piece
Luminous Stones and Draping the Walls With Ice by Jeff Herriott (b. 1972)

clock_20pxDate & Location
Wabash Ballroom

Sam Houston State University, Innovative Percussion Inc., Zildjian Company, Yamaha Corporation of America

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