Stanley Randolph

Sylmar, CA

Stanley Randolph

Stanley Randolph, has become one of the most in-demand and highly respected drummers of tour time, gaining the attention of music icons and legends such as Stevie Wonder, New Kids on the Block, Back Street Boys, Christina Aguilera, Chrisette Michele, Boyz II Men as well as several members of the Jackson family. Stanley is a veteran of the music industry and boasts one of the most impressive resumés around. He is continually building on his style and sound due to his vast music understanding and knowledge. Stanley has an uncanny ability to capture legendary grooves and signature styles which is why he is so highly regarded in the music world.

Stanley Randolph continues to amaze the drumming world with his quick hands and blazing chops. Most feel that the true beauty in Stanley’s playing is his ability to show off his incredible talent while still maintaining the integrity of the song, and without stepping on the toes of the other musicians; an art-form that is often lost in the modern-day styles of drumming. Stanley boasts a vast range of musical styles from funk and fusion to afro- cuban and pop. Stanley’s techniques are always spot on and displayed throughout the large music catalogs of all the legendary recording artists he spans the globe with.

One of the reasons for Stanley’s signature sound and ability to play “The Song” is his production skills. Stanley is highly regarded as a producer and song writer which lead him to secure a production deal with Sony Music. Weather Stanley is behind a drum kit or mixing board his signature style shines bright as the sun filling the music he creates with LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS and his undeniable ENERGY!

Last and MOST IMPORTANTLY is Stanley’s humble and giving personality. If your ever able to meet, study with or just run into him on the Hollywood streets by all means say hello. Stanley’s favorite part of the music community is the people he meets and making sure everyone around him feels celebrated and LOVED!

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Tips and Tricks for the Funky Drummer

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Ballroom 500

Drum Workshop, Zildjian Company, Big Bang Distribution, Vic Firth Company, Drum Dots

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