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The french Trio SR9 promotes a creative vision of contemporary western drumming. Their special way of reviewing and transcribing works of great composers shows how actively they commit to classical and contemporary musical heritage. They released their first CD “Bach au marimba” in october 2015 under the Label Naïve.

The Trio likes to collaborate with various artists to explore other artistic fields and create new projects where all disciplines merge into one creative expression.
In 2015, they created their first show called MACHINE(s) with composers P. Jodlowski and B. Montambault. The same year, the Trio is touring in France with the show C O R P O R E L S that reveals a mix of living art related to motion.

Created in 2010 at the National Superior Conservatory of Lyon, the SR9 Trio won the International Music Competition in Luxembourg in 2012.

Since then they are performing in France, Europe & USA. They also gave clinics at the Boston Conservatory, NYU & Juilliard Pre College.

clipboard_20pxSession: Daytime Showcase Concert

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Sagamore Ballroom

Adams Musical Instruments, Resta Jay Percussions

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