Jeanne Ross Eichler MOT, OTR/L, MT, John Fitzgerald, and Cameron Berger

Jeanne Eichler

Jeanne Eichler is a music therapist and an occupational therapist. She currently serves on the faculty in the Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Department at Saint Louis University. Eichler enjoys developing innovative ways to use music to facilitate growth and change in her students, clients, and community. She was introduced to drumming early in her music therapy career, where she was active in the Rhythm for Life movement. Eichler has facilitated drum circles in schools, hospitals and other health care settings, corporate environments, and multiple communities. She frequently uses drumming with college students to facilitate better communication, decrease stress, and increase attention. In practice, she utilizes many tools, including the HealthRhythms protocol, The Listening Program and inTime, and MARI Mandala Assessment. Eichler also runs programs for high school and college students who have difficulty establishing and maintaining friendships and has received grants from community, national, and federal agencies.




John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald is the Manager of Recreational Music Activities for Remo Inc., a freelance percussionist, and a trained drum circle facilitator. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performance from the California Institute of the Arts, and has studied and performed a wide variety of classical and world music. Fitzgerald has also developed and taught programs for the Mark Taper Forum, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, and the Los Angeles Opera in-school programs. Additionally, as a composer and performer, Fitzgerald has been involved with numerous film and theatrical productions. He has trained with Village Music Circles, is a graduate of the HealthRHYTHMS and Beat the Odds protocols, and has been facilitating groups of all kinds since 1998. He is a graduate of the Newfield Network coaching program and a member of the International Coach Federation. Fitzgerald currently serves as the Chair of the PAS Interactive Drumming Committee.

Cameron Berger

Cameron Berger is a graduate student at Saint Louis University pursuing a master’s degree in occupational therapy. He is a graduate of the HealthRHYTHMS protocol and has facilitated drum circles and rhythm groups since 2010. Berger has presented at both the Missouri Occupational Therapy Association Conference and the American Occupational Therapy Association Conference regarding the role that occupational therapists can play in supporting student military veterans. Berger’s current research interests involve the use of handpans and drum tables in a therapeutic setting both for upper extremity rehabilitation and behavioral therapy. He has experience working in both group and individual settings with teenagers and adults who have autism and other social competency challenges.

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“Drumming to Communicate, Relate, and Learn: A Week of Drumming in Saint Louis”

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