William J. Brennan High School,
Directed by Tim Briones

San Antonio, TX

William J. Brennan High School, Directed by Tim Briones

Opened in 2010, Brennan High School is located in San Antonio, Texas. The BHS Percussion Ensemble is under the direction of Kyle Pridgen and Tim Briones. Under their direction, the BHS Percussion Ensemble earned the high school category winner of the 2017 PAS International Percussion Ensemble Competition. The BHS percussion program has consistently produced Texas Music Educators Association All-State Percussionists in the 5A and 6A categories. At Texas State Solo and Ensemble contests, the Brennan percussion program has had multiple players awarded the title of outstanding soloist. Since the school opened, the BHS percussion program has had the pleasure to work and perform with world renowned artists such as Line upon Line Percussion, Ivan Trevino and Thomas Burritt.

clipboard_20pxSession: IPEC HS Winner Showcase Concert

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Wabash Ballroom


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