Health & Safety During COVID-19

PAS is actively monitoring health and safety guidelines and recommendations at the federal, state, and local level. As new best practices become available, we will continue to update our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 in relation to PASIC 2021.

Safety at PASIC

As of October 6, 2021, the following will be required while attending PASIC:

  • All individuals attending PASIC will be required to show proof of fully vaccinated status either via the Bindle app or by showing their physical vaccination card in order to receive their PASIC 2021 Badge
  • All individuals will be required to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth while inside the expo hall or a room that is being used to present a PASIC session
  • Social distancing will be highly recommended, and PAS will work with the Indiana Convention Center to provide spacious seating in all sessions
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing is highly recommended
  • Individuals should monitor their health and stay home if they are feeling ill
Will booster shots be required?

No, booster shots will NOT be required.

My child is too young for the vaccine. Are they still able to attend PASIC?

Since all children under the age of 12 are currently ineligible to receive the vaccine, they will not be able to attend PASIC 2021.

I am unable to get the vaccine for medical reasons. Can I still attend PASIC?

If you have a medical exemption, you may still attend PASIC with proof of your exemption. Please contact for additional details and requirements.

What if I am not vaccinated yet?

Good news! If you get your second shot on or before October 27, you will be fully inoculated before PASIC. To find a place near you to get a free COVID-19 Vaccination, visit

If I am vaccinated, do I still have to wear a mask?

Yes. All individuals will still be required to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth while inside the PASIC expo hall or a room that is being used to present a PASIC session or meeting.

I am already registered for PASIC and will not be vaccinated prior to the convention. Can I get a refund?

Please email to request a refund.

If you do not see your question listed above, please contact

Proof of Vaccination Status

Individuals can prove their vaccination status via Bindle – The Health Verification App.

Bindle is a health verification app that was purpose-built to respect the right of personal privacy. No biometrics are required, and no personal health information is shared with Bindle or the public spaces you want to enter. Individuals can safely store COVID-19 test results and vaccine records using Bindle’s military-grade encryption, then transform these health records into anonymous entry passes. With Bindle, personal identity and health information are kept strictly private. Individuals have control of their own data, not Big Tech or government entities.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how Bindle works.

  1. Download the Bindle app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Upload your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or recent test result.
  3. Create an Entry Pass for your destination in advance. Present your Bindle Entry Pass at destination; the staff will scan or view your Entry Pass to verify whether you meet the entry criteria.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose not to download Bindle you will be required to show your physical vaccination card when you pick up your PASIC Badge.

Indiana Convention Center Updates

The Indiana Convention Center has dedicated $7 million to ongoing infrastructure upgrades such as:

  • Touchless technology in restrooms
  • Elbow pulls on doors to limit surface contact
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the building
  • Hospital grade air filters that are operated 24/7 during events
  • Clorox Total 360 Sytems for germ protection
  • Plexiglass shields
  • Signage throughout the facility to remind guests to wear their mask, social distance, and to frequently wash and sanitize hands

In addition, the Indiana Convention Center has received the following accolades:

Rhythm! Discovery Center Updates

There have been a number of updates at the Rhythm! Discovery Center to ensure the safety of guests such as:

  • Touchless technology in restrooms
  • Mask requirement
  • Social distancing requirements
  • Visitors are encouraged to bring their own sticks and mallets to play the interactive instruments

For more information, please visit Plan Your Visit on