PASIC Focus Day

PASIC17 ● Indianapolis, IN ● November 8–11, 2017

Percussion Works Since 2000

Host, Aiyun Huang

Edgard Varèse’s seminal work, Ionisation, marked the birth of modern percussion. Since then, percussionists have taken the lead in musical experimentation with new sounds, new practices, and new genres. Collaborations between percussionists and composers have played a crucial role in the development of important works and genres in the last 85 years. The relatively short history of contemporary percussion music has forced percussionists to include research in their daily routines, in order to invent and master new instruments and devices, to accelerate their technical development to meet demands, to quickly adapt to new environments, and to think outside-[of-omit]-the-box in order to navigate through our rapidly evolving world.

Focus Day 2017 solicits proposals to help de ne the current state of percussion with an emphasis on “Percussion Works Since 2000”. We are interested in nding out what adventures have taken place since the millennium, both in the continuation of the established canons and the development of new ones. What are the exciting new works after Psappha, Rebonds, and Rogosanti? What are the new ideas and new contextualization of ideas that we have not yet experienced at PASIC?

Priorities will be given to works which have not been previously presented at the convention. The goal is to survey the eld, and to understand what we have done collectively since 2000. Through this process, we are hopeful that some new classics will emerge.

The committee is interested in the participation of both emerging and established artists. All proposals that meet the criteria and qualify for inclusion on the 2017 PASIC Focus Day will be given complete and careful consideration. Please note: expenses and the securing of instruments and funding sources will be the sole responsibility of the artist(s) themselves. This includes all logistical and financial considerations associated with the performance. Please prepare and submit proposals with this consideration in mind. A completed session application must be included for proposals to be reviewed.

Percussionists selected to perform on Focus Day, including members of student ensembles, must be PAS members at the VIP level or higher, veri able on their returned performance contract.

For additional information, please contact: Aiyun Huang, Focus Day 2017 Host, via Email: