PASIC Artist Application

Apply to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in front of thousands of musicians, students, educators, and enthusiasts!


Application deadline: January 21, 2020

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Review Session Definitions


  1. Clinic
    1. Performer(s) instruct/speaks about and demonstrates techniques/ideas.
  2. Clinic/Performance
    1. Same as clinic, but containing no more than 50% of structured performance.
  3. FUNdamentals (Education category only)
    1. Hands‐on, interactive, instructional session geared towards student percussionists, non-percussion band/orchestra directors, percussion specialists and instructors, and anyone else looking for a refresher on teaching and performing ideas and techniques.
  4. Lab
    1. Hands‐on, interactive, instructional session.
    2. Participants are chosen on a first-come first-served basis prior to PASIC.
    3. Participants must be registered for PASIC at time of sign-up.
  5. Masterclass
    1. Hands‐on, interactive, instructional session.
    2. Participants are pre-screened and selected by the instructor prior to PASIC.
    3. Participants must be registered for PASIC at time of sign-up.
  6. Workshop
    1. All attendees are invited to bring instruments and participate from the audience in this instructional session. Some participants might be called to stage at random by the instructor.


  1. Daytime Showcase Concert
    1. Features artist(s) in a daytime concert performance without any clinic portion.
  2. New Music/Research Performance Piece
    1. Individual piece of music to be performed during New Music/Research Presents.
  3. New Percussion Literature Showcase (university ensembles only)
    1. This 90 minute session is intended for the selected university ensemble to present a wide variety of new compositions for small, medium and large percussion ensembles of varying abilities (high school through university level).

Research & Professional Development

  1. Professional Development
    1. A Presentation of a topic that is focused on helping individuals enhance their career path(s).
  2. Panel Discussion
    1. A panel of no more than 4 panelists and 1 moderator on any given subject.
    2. Does not constitute featuring any particular artist in a clinic or feature setting.
  3. Scholarly Research Lightning Round
    1. Each session will include three speakers discussing a multitude of topics.
    2. Each speaker will be given 10-12 minutes with time for Q&A at the end.
      1. Lightning Round presentations are succinct, efficient and to the point. This allows the audience gain a broad array of knowledge from the presentations given.

Helpful Hints:
If you are submitting more than one proposal, you will need to fill out one application per category.

Your application will be judged on the substance, excellence, and completeness of your presentation. So, be prepared and thorough when taking the time to fill out the application. Take advantage of all the opportunities to provide the selection committee as much material and variety of examples as possible including music, bio, and website information.

Do not submit duplicate proposals that have different titles or submitted under different Categories or Session Types but which ALL share the SAME application information. This likely means that the information you are submitting is too general to support ANY of your proposals.

Do not assume that the addition of an unconfirmed high-profile guest artist will influence the review committees. If you are applying for a session, it will be the thoroughness and content of your proposal that will be under review.

Review the 2020 Application

You MUST review the 2020 Artist Application PDF before beginning the online application. This will ensure all necessary information is understood and compiled ahead of time.

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