About Arthur Hull & Jim Boneau

Arthur Hull is the founder of Village Music Circles and at the core of the modern, facilitated, drum circle movement. Since his first experiments with drum circle facilitation during the summer of love in San Francisco in 1968, Arthur has been committed to the creation and development of rhythma-culture through family friendly, community drum circles. Arthur has taught thousands of drum circle facilitators around the world through his intensive training Playshops. Arthur’s books include Drum Circle Spirit, Drum Circle Facilitation, Drum Circle Games, and the Drum Circle Facilitators Handbook. Jim Boneau has been partnering with Arthur for over 20 years as a training partner in both drum circle facilitation and leadership/mentorship. Jim serves as curriculum designer, master facilitator, and teacher of the Village Music Circles Mentor Training. In addition to his work in the drum circle facilitation community, Jim is an executive coach, master facilitator of leadership workshops, and author of The Rumble Zone: Leadership Strategies in the Rough & Tumble of Change.