About Barbara Gail

Barbara Gail is a longtime student of Layne Redmond. She and husband Jeff Hanna, own and operate The Rhythm Inlet world drum and percussion retail store and teaching studio. Originally based in Maine (now Florida), since 1994 Barbara has led her award-winning, dynamically creative, edu-taining classes, workshops, retreats and programs, specialized in sharing the joys of rhythm and movement, hand-drumming and dance, for all ages, abilities, and challenges, throughout Maine, New England, Florida, and beyond. She’s the creator of “Moonrise: Daughters of an Ancient Pulse”, leading women’s ceremonial and celebratory tambourine rituals and processions. Currently Barbara focuses on teaching the Layne Redmond style of ritual drumming and tambourine (“The Tambourine Path”), on her YouTube channel, where she also shares other inspired creations. She’ll lead women’s workshops and retreats nationally and internationally when the world reopens. She’s active in the Women’s Frame Drumming Facebook Community, dedicated to Layne Redmond. #LaynesLegacyLives.

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