Bassidi Koné

  Mali, Africa

Bassidi Koné

Bassidi Koné is of Bwa ethnicity from the Segou region in Mali. Born into a Griot family, Koné grew up beside his father’s instrument the balafon, which instilled in him his forefather’s traditional village songs and rhythms. He carried on his family’s musical heritage, showing promising skill on both the balafon and the djembe. After moving to Bamako at thirteen, Koné met Koninba Bagayogo. This meeting profoundly influenced his musical career as a percussionist. Playing alongside this master djembe player, the young Koné furthered his knowledge and skill, distinguishing himself through his innovative solo lead playing and technical virtuosity. Driven to defend his rich Bwa heritage, Koné formed and now leads his multi-instrumental percussion and dance troupe, Bwazan (Bobo children), a family group from the same line of Griots. Bwazan are ambassadors of their musical heritage, promoting a message of peace, freedom, humility, and solidarity.

clipboard_20pxSession: Clinic/Performance
“Mali Foli”

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Room 109

Zildjian Company, Innovative Percussion, Inc., Remo Inc.

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