About Bri Wiegand

Bri Wiegand is a composer, sound-designer, percussionist, dancer, and filmmaker. She uses her wide interests to create multi-media music and soundscapes through technology and movement. Her work has been described as having a “special edginess” – David Reeves. Currently, Wiegand is composing the score for upcoming film, Spooky Action, directed by Rod Bingaman, who states: “her work is clever, innovative, and her ideas are inspired.”

Through all of her work, Wiegand embodies an interdisciplinary mindset to present music in a not only auditory, but mental, visual, and physical context. Wiegand’s work was presented at the Penn State New Music Festival. She also received two special mentions from the London X4 Seasonal Short Film Festival for her films with original composition. In 2019, she interned for the American Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival. In 2021, Wiegand wrote music for voice and fixed media, including vibraphone speaker-twitching, in Sam Osheroff’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She performed with new music groups including Open Music and Matchstick Percussion.

Recently, Wiegand performed multiple chamber and solo works with Thomas Moore, Melissa Wertheimer, and Boston-based experimental music ensemble Ordinary Affects in the Alvin Lucier Festival organized by Sam Pluta, Ian Power, and Heather Stebbins.
These works included Lucier’s Key West, which she also played for the premiere of Sylvia Smith’s Vibraphone Century during Penn State’s Vibraphone Festival.

Wiegand holds two bachelors in Music Technology and Film Production as well as a Professional Performance Certificate in Music Composition and Technology from Penn State University. While at Penn State she received the premiere Mark Ballora and Wang Award for Outstanding Technological Creativity, the Creative Achievement Award, and served as Student Marshal for the School of Music class of 2021. Her mentors include Dan Armstrong, Giff Howarth, Lee Hinkle, Steven Rice, Baljinder Sekhon, and Curtis Craig.