About Colin Malloy & Aaron Butler

Colin Malloy is an award-winning percussionist, composer, and audio programmer specializing in contemporary solo and chamber percussion, the steelpan, and music technology. He is the 2022 artist in residence for Ocean Networks Canada where he is collaborating with ocean scientists to create new electroacoustic works that use the steelpan as a lens to examine the relationship between the oceans, the oil industry, and the climate. This builds upon “Oil Drum”, a recent electroacoustic work commissioned from composer Matthew Burtner for double tenor steelpans that Colin recently premiered and recorded.

Colin also designs and builds guitar pedals and audio effects plugins. He was the lead content programmer on Digitech’s SDRUM pedal. He placed first in the 2021 Audio Engineering Society Matlab Audio Plugin competition with his intelligent harmonic equalizer plugin, HarmonEQ.

Colin is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD in Music and Computer Science at University of Victoria in British Columbia. His PhD research is centered around the steelpan and music technology. He studies the acoustical properties of the steelpan, uses that data to design custom audio effects for the steelpan, and then composes and performs electroacoustic works for steelpan using those effects. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Pure Mathematics and Music Education and Master’s degrees in Percussion Performance and Music Technology.