About Daxx Nielsen

Growing up in a house full of musical instruments, Daxx gravitated towards the drums at a very early age. After high school Daxx traveled the US extensively with his original band, Harmony Riley. Over a period of 5 years Harmony Riley recorded 2 full length albums and 3 EP’s and performed almost 1,000 shows around the US and Canada. Upon the band’s dissolution Daxx packed up and moved to Los Angeles where he quickly got into the studio and touring world. His first break was drumming for surf guitar pioneer Dick Dale.

While on breaks from touring he did dozens of recording sessions, performed anywhere and everywhere with numerous local artists, and formed A Fine Frenzy with singer/songwriter Alison Sudol. This led to years of touring and recording with Brandi Carlile, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, The Smashing Pumpkins, and numerous others. Since March of 2010, Daxx has been the touring drummer for the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME INDUCTED band CHEAP TRICK, performing over 1,000 shows with them and recorded 4 studio albums.

Daxx co-wrote and drummed on the score for Oscar Award Winning documentary UNDEFEATED

Some of the other projects Daxx has been involved with over the last few years are; drumming two nights for Eddie Vedder, drumming for The Fab Faux, as well as recording with numerous projects.