About Dimitri Fantini

Dimitri was given a set of drums for his first birthday, and that’s when his musical journey began. Dimitri went on to study percussion, piano, and music theory at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington, Delaware, one of the most selective public schools in the United States. After graduating Dimitri focused on studio recording, engineering, and composition, perfecting his craft both on and off the drum kit. Today, Dimitri can be found performing and recording in a variety of situations. You’ll find him recording and touring in pop and R&B situations with artists such as Lauren Ruth Ward and Sarah Paige, but his main focus has always been producing artists in the studio. In his clinics, masterclass and private lessons, Dimitri shares his experiences and insights on everything from music theory, composition, and all manners of rhythmic concepts and drum set techniques.

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