About Dr. Nadia Azar

Dr. Nadia Azar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Windsor. Her research combines her training in occupational biomechanics and neurophysiology with her love of music (especially rock music) to study drumming performance from the following perspectives:

• “Drummers as Athletes”: documenting drummers’ energy expenditures and heart rates during live performances

• “Drummers as Workers”: documenting the prevalence and patterns of playing-related musculoskeletal disorders [PRMDs] in drummers and determining the playing-related and lifestyle characteristics that put drummers at risk for, or protect them from, PRMDs.

Dr. Azar’s overall goal is to do for drummers what sport science is doing for athletes: help them to achieve their peak performance while reducing their risk of injuries. Her work has been featured on CBC Radio, Drum Talk TV, and The Drumeo Beat.

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