About Edis Sánchez

Professor Edis Sánchez is a leading educator, performer, and scholar of Dominican folkloric music. He teaches music at the National Conservatory of Music and the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic. He is former director of the Department of Folklore and current Director General of Community Outreach for the Dominican Ministry of Culture. He is an official adjudicator of Dominican Carnaval. His Master’s thesis covers traditional instrument-making practices in Dominican percussion. His book, La Música Folklórica Dominicana, enshrines his encyclopedic knowledge of the topic. He is recognized as one of a handful of masters of Dominican folkloric drumming. He performs and teaches internationally and regularly hosts researchers for in-depth study. His CD El Gran Poder de Dios (2000) received First Place, Traditional Music, at the Forum for Latin American and Caribbean Music, part of UNESCO’s Council on International Music.