About Fernando Chaib

Percussion Professor at the School of Music at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil). Winner of several prizes as the First Prize in Vibraphone on PAS Italy Competition (Italy), in 2006 and the CIMCA’11 International Chamber Music Competition of Alcobaça (Portugal), in 2011. He performs all over the world including countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, China, Portugal, Chile, Uruguay, Austria, Spain, among others, performing premieres and first auditions of composers such as Xenakis, Zampronha, Tort, López López, Takemitsu, Tan Dun, etc. His academic contribution it presented or published in countries such as Greece, Turkey, Canada, Argentina, among others. Actually, he is the Editor-in-chief of Per Musi Scholarly Journal, one of the most important Brazilian music journals and member of the ¿Silencie? Coletivo Percussivo. He is an Adams Brazil Artist.