About Francisco Abreu & Percussividade - Brasilia School Percussion Ensemble

Percussividade – the Brasilia School of Music Percussion Ensemble, founded in 1983 by then professor Ney Rosauro, arouse from the need to put into practice the knowledge and skills developed in individual instrument classes, functioning as a research laboratory in percussion, where, in addition to from instrumental practice, students have contact with a wide repertoire, exploring and experiencing a huge range of sounds and musical styles.

Formed by professors and students of percussion courses, the group has been performing in various musical venues in the Federal District and surroundings, promoting music for percussion and contributing to the formation of an audience for 40 years. Between the years 1990 and 2015, under the direction of Professor Wellington Vidal, it experienced a period of intense artistic/pedagogical activity. They performed in schools, shopping malls, squares and theaters in the region of Brasília and surroundings, and due to the relevance of the work carried out, they received invitations from several festivals throughout Brazil, highlighting his participation in the II Percussion Meeting in São Paulo (1992 ), II International Percussion Meeting Ritmos da Terra in Campinas (2002), V Latin American Percussion Meeting in Uberlândia (2009) and I and II Festival of Percussion and Drums Zequinha Galvão in Brasília (2005 and 2018).

Over its 40-year history, the group has been training and inspiring students, exporting talent to the national and international music scene, having in its hall of former members musicians performing professionally in orchestras, schools, bands and universities throughout the four corners of the world. Its comprehensive repertoire includes a diversity of musical genres and styles, transiting between Brazilian popular music and the classics of classical music, jazz standards and the music of traditional peoples, the classics of percussion music with its renowned composers and the new compositions and contemporary composers.