About Gareth Dylan Smith

Gareth Dylan Smith is Assistant Professor of Music, Music Education at Boston University in Boston, USA. His research interests include drum kit studies, popular music education, sociology of music education and punk pedagogies. His first love is to play drums. Recent music releases include progressive smooth jazz with The New Titans, the Sun Sessions EP with Stephen Wheel, and the Ignorant Populists EP with Build a Fort. Gareth is working on an album of duets titled Permission Granted, a concept album with Stephen Wheel called Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Rock and a new wave album with Black Light Bastards, alongside Mud Drums, an improvisatory drum kit duo based in NYC with Martin Urbach. Gareth’s recent publications include A Philosophy of Playing Drum Kit: Magical Nexus (Cambridge University Press) Sound Advice for Drummers – second edition (F Flat Books), Eudaimonia: Perspectives for Music Learning (Routledge, with Marissa Silverman), and numerous articles about music pedagogy.