About Ivan Manzanilla

Mexican percussionist, Ivan Manzanilla is a specialist in contemporary percussion music. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Mexico’s Autonomous National University and a Master and Doctoral degree from the University of California, San Diego.

Ivan Manzanilla’s work centers on the exploration and dissemination of newly created music and art. His teaching practice and commissions for new works that explore sound, language and gesture reflect his commitment to new generations of percussionists, musicians and contemporary forms of art.

His work has been recognized by different institutions like the Rockefeller Foundation, the National University of Mexico, Mexico’s National Fine Arts Institute, the National Fund for Culture and Arts and the Darmstadt Summer Course. Ivan Manzanilla is founder of Duplum together with Mexican clarinetist Fernando Dominguez and member of ONIX Ensemble. He is invited regularly to perform with a wide variety of ensembles and orchestras in México.

Ivan Manzanilla is the head of the Percussion Department at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico and a recipient of the 2017 National Fund for the Arts’ Established Artists Grant.