Joakim Anterot

Joakim Anterot started a long and successful career as an orchestra and chamber musician at the age of sixteen. Over the years Anterot has worked with a large number of orchestras in Sweden. Most frequently at the Royal Opera and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Anterot was the Principal Percussion player and associated with the Folkoperan for twenty-five years. He is a member of the chamber-ensemble Sonanza. The group has received the Swedish Grammy Award. For twenty years he was a recurring substitute in the percussion ensemble Kroumata.

Anterot is Associate Professor and head of the percussion department at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

In 1990, Anterot began his teaching career at SMI in Stockholm (with Anders Holdar, Kroumata). 2003-2009 Anterot commuted to Sarajevo where he founded the percussion department at the Music Academy.

Anterot studied at the at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1986-1992.


About the Session

How do I play this orchestral excerpt correctly?

This question assumes that somewhere out there is an optimal way to play it. But it is only through diligent practice that we can create the frame of references we need to make good musical choices. Then we will play with conviction and presence which will lead us to the essence of true music making.

We need to spend time with all our instruments to build up the necessary sensitivity. If we don’t, we take the risk of setting up our own limitations, which unconsciously will control the choice of interpretation. Playing in an orchestra requires of us to be sensitive and flexible when adapting to the context in a musical process.

This video will address these issues and examine mainly the tambourine and triangle. I will do this in a lab together with four of my students, Sampo Kuusisto, Ivar Koij, Simon Landqvist and Andreas Nyström.

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