Jude Traxler

Jude Traxler is an experimental and conceptual artist living in NYC. Both as a composer and percussionist, Jude constantly creates new works that sift a familiar soundscape of pan-diatonic chord progressions through beats that push one’s rhythmic constitution to the brink. With strict structures and rules, chance operations are controlled and every fleeting melody comes out as if clean-distilled from sonic chaos.

A native of Baton Rouge, Jude completed his Bachelor of Music degrees in Composition and Percussion Performance at Louisiana State University and his Master of Music in Contemporary Performance at the Manhattan School of Music. He teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade “rock band” classes at the Lower Manhattan Community School (a public middle school in the financial district), and co-directs the historic Manhattan School of Music Percussion Ensemble with Mike Perdue.

About the Performance Piece

Songs I-IX, by Stuart Saunders Smith

Stuart Smith’s theatrical masterwork, Songs I-IX, was the first piece I ever brought to the composer when we met in 2007. After performing it for many years, Stuart asked me to record it for an upcoming audio release. Knowing the importance of its visual elements, I videoed the recording session(s) and used subtle clothing cues and overt hair styles to highlight the textual themes throughout the composition.

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