About Katarzyna Myćka & Conrado Moya

Two of the most relevant marimba soloists on the current scene from Europe come together to carry out one of the most ambitious proposals for marimba duo in the baroque repertoire: the recording and performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s masterpiece the “Golberg Variations”. Katarzyna Mycka, one of the most recognized marimbists in the world, whom critics have given the sobriquet “she who dances with the mallets”: “the greatest fluidity”, “perfect mallet technique,” and a “marvelous, rhythmic precision” are characteristic for the musician and Conrado Moya, one of the most relevant interpreters of the instrument in the world today. He has been acclaimed for his extraordinary technique and expressive power, as well as for his total commitment on stage. Together they form a perfect synergy, uniting experience and new energy in the reinterpretation of this magnificent work in one of the most innovative versions of today, thus being recognized by experts.