About Marco Pacassoni

MARCO PACASSONI graduated cum laude at “G. Rossini” conservatory and in Professional Music at Berklee College of Music of Boston. Marco has been played with Michel Camilo, Alex Acuna, Horacio “el negro” Hernandez, Steve Smith, John Beck, Amik Guerra, Trent Austin, Greg Hutchinson, Chihiro Yamanaka, Bungaro, Malika Ayane among many others. …with his quartet, Marco released Finally (Groovemaster Edition 2011), Happiness (AlfaMusic 2014), Grazie (Nasswetter Music Group 2017), Frank & Ruth (Esordisco 2018), Hands & Mallets (Da Vinci Publishing 2021) Marco has been invited to present concerts and masterclasses on prestigious Jazz and Percussion Festivals on Europe, Asia and United States. Marco is international Artist for ADAMS PERCUSSION, VIC FIRTH, ZILDJIAN and GON BOPS.

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