About Neil W. Grover

Neil Grover holds the distinction of performing with one of the world’s foremost orchestras (Boston Symphony), contributing to the soundtrack for one of the most successful blockbuster movies of all time (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) and both performing and recording with the iconic rock band, Aerosmith.

In addition to performing with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops for 42 years, Neil has given masterclass presentations at over 100 colleges and universities throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Oceana. Publications include: Four Mallet Primer, Four Mallet Fundamentals, Art of Triangle & Tambourine Playing, Percussionist’s Cookbook, and The Art of Percussion Playing, all published by Meredith Music.

Neil’s company, Grover Pro Percussion, was featured on two episodes of the Discovery Channel’s series “How It’s Made”. In 2019 the US Small Business Administration recognized Neil’s lifetime of entrepreneurial achievements by presenting him with the New England Region Small Manufacturer of the Year award.

Formerly the Chair of the Percussion Programs at Boston Conservatory and University of Massachusetts-Lowell, he has served on both the PAS Board of Directors and the Board of Advisors. A long standing Trustee for the Winchester Community Music School, one of America’s top community music schools, he is currently on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra. Neil is married to Tony nominated Broadway actress Maureen Brennan.