Pandeiro Repique Duo and the Brazilian Percussion All-Stars

  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pandeiro Repique Duo and the Brazilian Percussion All-Stars

Pandeiro Repique Duo combines two of the most typical instruments of Carioca-Soul as well as traditional instruments of Brazilian percussion, pandeiro and repique. Bernardo Aguiar (pandeiro) and Gabriel Policarpo (repique) bring these instruments together in order to produce a sound that transcends their regional origins. In 2009, they officially formed the ensemble Pandeiro Repique Duo and began performing at festivals all around Brazil, Europe, and South America. The duo has presented workshops for musical groups and schools in South America, Africa, Europe, and the United States including at such educational institutions as The Juilliard School of Music, The Philadelphia University of Arts, City University London, Kopenhagen Rytmisk Konservatorium, Aarhus Royal Academy of Music, and Dhow Countries Music Academy Zanzibar.

clipboard_20pxSession: Daytime Showcase Concert
Bernardo Aguiar (Pandeiro), Gabriel Policarpo (Repique), Carlos Malta (sax and flutes), Guilherme Oliveira (percussion), Gustavo Oliveira (percussion), Bóka Reis (percussion), and Brian Potts (percussion and xylosynth).

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Room 120

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