About Pauline Roberts

Pauline Roberts is a percussionist, singer, and composer based in New York City. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she received a grant from the National Arts Foundation (AR) for the commission of new pieces for vibraphone and electronics, became Frank Zappa’s archivist’s interviewee on her interpretation of “The Black Page #1”, the youngest performer in the Ciclo de Música Contemporánea, and a finalist for Hit Like a Girl, a contest she now serves as a LATAM ambassador. Pauline is also a trailblazer in her field, being the first woman in 18 years to graduate from the National University of Arts in the percussion department (AR) and is currently completing her MMPC degree at the New School (NYC). She has recorded and collaborated on numerous albums and is currently working on her debut solo album. As an educator, she has given masterclasses at institutions in Argentina, Panamá, Honduras, and Perú. Pauline is sponsored by Marimba One, BlueHaus mallets, and TRX cymbals.