About Philip Galinsky, Founder and Director of Samba New York!

One of the leading performers and educators of samba percussion in the US, and one of the country’s foremost samba scholars, Philip Galinsky is Founder, Director, and principal percussionist of the world-renowned performance company, Samba New York!

Known as “Dr. Samba” for his rare combination of academic and practical expertise in Brazilian music, Philip has immersed himself in samba music and culture at its source in Brazil for 30 years. He holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University, has published widely in the field, and has been at the forefront of samba music education in the US for almost three decades, having founded and led samba ensembles at Wesleyan, Hampshire College, and UC Davis. An in-demand clinician and coach at dozens of colleges, universities, and organizations throughout the US, he has personally trained an estimated 2,000-4,000 people of diverse ages and backgrounds in the art of samba percussion since 1994.

Philip endorses Contemporânea percussion instruments.


Photo Credit: FarleyCphoto