About Reumert/Elten Percussion Duo

Reumert/Elten Percussion Duo consists of the internationally acclaimed Danish soloists, Mathias Reumert (b. 1980) and Anders Elten (b. 1989). A telepathic and virtuoso ensemble, the two musicians explore a repertoire spanning from brand new pieces to transcriptions of classical masterworks.

The duo focuses on keyboard percussion and collaborates with a number of today’s leading composers, for example Philippe Manoury, whose work Argumenta was written for and dedicated to them. Argumenta is also the title track of their duo new album, released in 2023.

Since its formation in 2017, Reumert/Elten Percussion Duo has been on a mission to open new ears to contemporary music. To this end, not only have they performed in major concert halls and at important festivals in Europe, they have also visited hundreds of elementary schools and inspired thousands of children to delve into the world of music.