About Ryne Siesky

Ryne Siesky (b. 1996) is a Filipino-American composer, educator, and music technologist. Described as “beautifully haunting” (Robert Avalon Competition), “attractive and inventive” (Dorothy Hindman), and “patiently evocative” (George Lewis), Ryne’s music explores the relationships between art, community, and identity. His recent works engage with Asian American identity politics and intersectionality as idiosyncratic mechanisms for musical creation and sonic processes. His music has been performed by Hypercube, Peridot Duo, Transient Canvas, Duo Sequenza, Deco Saxophone Quartet, Braeburn Brass Quintet, the Mississippi Valley Orchestra, Robert Black, Lindsay Garritson, Jacob Mason, and Laura Silva, among others. His music has also been featured at several festivals including the Aspen and Atlantic Music Festivals, Society of Composers, International Trumpet Guild, Diffrazioni, Festival DME, NYCEMF, SEAMUS, and ICMC, among others.

Recently, he was selected for the Ensemble Vim Composer Fellowship in which he will compose 連帯สาม 연대团结 for flutes, cello, electronics, live artist, and installation. Siesky was also awarded second prize in the 2022 Ensemble Ibis Composition Competition and was named the winner of Musiqa’s 2021 Emerging Composer Commission Competition. Additionally, his work for flute, guitar, and electronics, panopticotíri was awarded a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and was premiered by Duo Sequenza.

Siesky serves as Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Johnson University where he teaches courses in computer music programming, studio recording and mixing, and digital art. Siesky is virtually completing his Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music. He is currently the author and curator of the Charlotte New Music Opportunity Newsletter and a member of the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI) National Student Council. Outside of music, Ryne is an active foodie, a semi-professional racquetball player, and a DEI activist.

Website: https://www.rynejsmusic.com/