About Sean Hamilton

Sean Hamilton is a percussionist, composer, improviser, and audio engineer currently based in western Colorado. His playing has been described as “certainly radical but also remarkably cool” (Kathodik), “rich with invention” (Percussive Notes), and “immediately gripping and absorbing” (babysue). His work primarily focuses on creating musical structures and opportunities that blend composed elements with improvisation, taking influence from avant-garde and experimental music, free improvisation, electroacoustic music, noise, and sound art.

Sean has performed in over thirty states and six countries, with notable performances including the Interference Series, the Skronk Sessions, Oakland Freedom Jazz Society, the Racer Sessions, MOXSonic, WKCR-FM’s Afternoon New Music, Vibraphone Century, and the SEAMUS National Conference. Sean has also presented guest lectures and clinics at various universities in the United States and United Kingdom, including Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Arizona State University, New York University, Goldsmiths University of London, the University of Leeds, and City University of London.

In addition to his creative practice, Sean is an audio engineer specializing in live sound production. He has produced audio for the Contemporary Art Music Project (CAMP), St. Petersburg Opera (FL), the Vail Dance Festival, the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, Go Pro Mountain Games, the Vail Jazz Festival, and the Florida Dance Festival. Sean holds a Master of Music degree from the University of South Florida and a BM from Slippery Rock University. He is proud to perform exclusively with Innovative Percussion sticks and mallets and Grover Pro Percussion instruments and accessories.