About Sympatico Percussion Group

Sympatico Percussion Group (Scott Herring, Joseph Krygier, Johnny Mendoza, Christopher Norton, Susan Powell) creates programs with entertainment and intrigue, virtuosity and poignancy, and appealing melodies and vibrant rhythms from around the world. Their diverse and eclectic repertoire includes rudimental drumming, ragtime xylophone, pop transcriptions and wonderfully uncategorized original compositions that embrace global streams of contemporary musical styles. Enthusiastic audiences exclaim that Sympatico concerts are “beyond imagination…absolutely engaging!”. As Sympatico, they have performed at several Percussive Arts Society events and for university, community, and festival concert series. Collectively, their collegiate teaching experience exceeds seventy-five years with appointments at The Ohio State University (Powell, Krygier), University of South Carolina (Herring), Belmont University (Norton) and McMurry University (Mendoza). All members are also active chamber and orchestral musicians, performing throughout North America and abroad.

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