World Percussion Committee Panel Discussion

World Committee Panel Discussion

The World Percussion Committee works to promote and enhance the intellectual and artistic discourse in the field of world percussion music. The committee provides unique opportunities and forums for percussion students, educators, and artists across the globe through PAS to expand their cross-cultural awareness, musicianship, and understanding of world percussion traditions. The PAS World Percussion Committee seeks applications for PASIC focused on instruments indigenous to world percussion traditions featured in either traditional or contemporary contexts. Applications featuring primarily Western percussion should be directed to the respective category in the application process.

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clipboard_20pxSession: Panel Discussion
“Rhythm and Race: Racial Identity in World Percussion Study, Performance, and Teaching”

profile_20pxModerator: Matthew Henry
Panelists: Dr. Andrés Espinoza Agurto, Dr. Neeraj Mehta, Marvin Sparks, Michael Taylor

clock_20pxDate & Location
Room 201

PAS World Percussion Committee

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