About Yonder Muñoz-Calderón

Yónder Muñoz-Calderón is a Costa Rican percussionist recipient of the Cultural National Prize of Costa Rica in Music Performance, winner of the Jacqueline Avent Concerto Competition and the University of Costa Rica Soloists contest and has been recognized as an honorary student of the School of Musical Arts of the University of Costa Rica.

He has performed as soloist with the University of Costa Rica Symphony Orchestra, University of Costa Rica Percussion Ensemble, Heredia Symphony Orchestra, Sewanee Festival Orchestra and the University of Costa Rica School of Music Symphony Orchestra.

Muñoz is well known for his multiple collaborations with Central American composers and can be heard in different recordings. The album “La voz del Ave”, in which he participated as soloist, was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2020.

He is the principal timpanist and former principal percussionist of University of Costa Rica Symphony Orchestra and has been guest musician with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica, Costa Rican Philharmonic Orchestra, Cartago Symphony Orchestra and Heredia Symphony Orchestra.

He has been teaching privately, as well in public institutions and assisting the Percussion Chair of the University of Costa Rica. Yónder has toured in Costa Rica, Central America, Mexico, and the United States. Yónder Muñoz, holds a B.M. from University of Costa Rica, in addition, he has received master classes with renowned percussionists such as Keith Aleo, Fernando Meza, William Moersch, Eriko Daimo, Philip O’banion, Angela Zator Nelson, John Kilkenny, Jonathan O’valle, Jonathan Rance, John Tafoya, Svet Stoyanov and She-e Wu.