The PASIC Scholarships have been established by Companies, in Honor of Individual, and by PAS Chapters who recognize the value of PAS and PASIC. We thank each and every person who has played a role in the creation of these scholarship funds and applaud the shared goal of assisting individuals in attending PASIC at little or no cost.

Applications for the PASIC Scholarships open every May and close at the end of July.


Corporate PASIC Scholarships

Individual PASIC Scholarships

Jim Coffin

Cloyd Duff

Val and Venus Eddy

Steve Ettleson

William F. Ludwig, Jr.

Jack H. McKenzie

James A. Sewrey

Ed Shaughnessy

Thomas Siwe (2)

George P. Contreras, Jr.

Chapter PASIC Scholarships

California Chapter – Remo

Texas Chapter

Texas Chapter – Mapex/Majestic (2)

Texas Chapter – Mario Luna