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I attended my first PASIC in 1991 shortly after graduating from college. While I was not a music major and had no plans to work in the music industry at the time, little did I know that 12 years later I would be working in the industry that had helped me so much in my own musical journey as a child. Attending PASIC is for me another essential tool in my stick bag of skills. What one learns, sees and hears at PASIC is not available any other event. This show is essential for anyone who wants to improve their chops on music education. Whether you teach percussion, strings or a wind instrument, this is an event that must be on your calendar each and every year.

Troy Wollwage

Marketing Manager, Percussion, Yamaha Corporation of America

In our profession, a performance at PASIC is the crown jewel of all performances. The opportunity to perform in front of our percussive colleagues is a tremendous honor, one that makes a special memory of a lifetime. Having just one PASIC experience can influence that path of a young person. That’s certainly what happened to me in 1989 at my first PASIC in Nashville. I spoke to so many middle and high school students in Indianapolis this year who were experiencing their first PASIC. The ramifications of that are impossible to be measured of course, but I can only imagine the numbers of future musicians those young people will in turn impact as they are more likely to stay in the profession after their PASIC ’16 experience.

Dr. Julie Hill

Director of Percussion Studies, University of Tennessee-Martin

I go to PASIC to be motivated. There is no substitute for being able to hear the best players in the world.

Corey Denham

10-can Percussion, Drumline Director at Indiana State University (PASIC 2007, 2011, 2013)

After attending my first convention in 2012, PASIC inspired me to continue my career as a performing musician, and led me to one of the most vibrant cities in the country (Washington D.C.). This is my first convention as both an attendee and performer, and I could not be more thrilled!

Robert (Bobby) Schroyer

Doctorate of Musical Arts Program, University of Maryland

For me, PAS has been my preferred conduit for continued progress, both as a performer and a teacher. In addition to the online resources, the annual PASIC leaves me inspired and with a new sense of purpose for percussion education.

Eric Willie

I attended my first PASIC in 1990 in Philadelphia, Penn. Four of my college percussionist friends and I drove up together from Greenville, NC, where Mark Ford was our teacher at East Carolina University at the time. I’m sure, inspired by him, we took the road trip. We all piled into one of our dilapidated cars, and heading north wide eyed with anticipation of PASIC that year. Also, most of us were in his Mark’s steel band at the time, “Panama Steel.” To see all the drummers and percussionists doing clinics that year, including Dennis Chambers, Anton Fig, Will Kennedy and Clayton Cameron, was eye opening and life changing for me. To see all of that in one long weekend was a truly unforgettable experience, as well as being able to discuss the Molar Method with Jim Chapin on the exhibit floor. I bought a ride cymbal from one of the exhibitors, and returned to Greenville, NC, energized and inspired to play and to practice. Now, 26 years later, I was able to do what they did at PASIC by doing a clinic and keeping with the tradition of giving back knowledge and inspiring a new generation of drummers. This year I was sharing the afternoon with JoJo Mayer and Ed Soph. I was not only honored to be on the stage, but humbled to be there as well. Just like my experience in 1990, I will never forget presenting at PASIC. All the relationships that I’ve forged with my friends in the drumming community who are now members of committees and in key places within PAS. It’s a big family of which I’m so thankful to be a part. Thank you PAS and PASIC. You have changed my life and helped me to become who I am today.

Wes Little

Drummer, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill and Beyonce

I was honored to perform at PASIC. It is a thrill to have the opportunity to share the history, tradition, language, and spirit I was privileged to learn during my long career playing with some of the true masters of the music.

Mike Clark


To have the opportunity to share what I am passionate about, to open up new awareness for people, is both and honor and a pleasure. And I find I’m always learning something myself, both from the attendees through their questions and comments, and about myself as a presenter. PASIC and our parent organization the Percussive Arts Society, has a history of creating the future. Through PAS and PASIC we are inspired, exposed to new types of music or techniques, and shown new directions to pursue. As a drummer, percussionist, or recreational player, young or old, what better place to be to begin to create your future?

John Fitzgerald

Manager, Recreational Music Activities, Remo Inc.

PAS and PASIC have been a great resource through which to stay connected to the world of percussion.

Robert Chapman

Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance, University of North Texas

Presenting and or performing at PASIC is a great honor and an opportunity to push the percussion community forward. We stand on the shoulders of our teachers and all the great percussionists who came before us. PASIC and PAS shapes the future generations of drummers and musicians by pushing the envelope and honoring the history of all things percussion.  It helps young and young at heart drummers know they are not alone. They in a very special family that knows the whole universe exists because of rhythm.  Rhythm is the heartbeat and fabric of the universe.

John Yost

Incredible experience, truly inspiring masterclasses and wow what a vibe in the exhibitors hall!

Callum Mckessock Gordon

I have performed many times at PASIC since 1976, and am thankful for all the opportunities PAS has provided to me over the years. The ones that stick out in my memory the most are the times I have performed in the evening concerts. Thirty years ago at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. was where I premiered Autumn Island by Roger Reynolds. To be invited in 2016 to perform that work again at PASIC is terribly special for me. Also, to be on the same concert with William Moersch, Svet Stoyanov, Michael Burritt, Katarzyna Myćka, and Ji Hye Jung is a great honor for me. Thanks PAS!!!

Gordon Stout

Marimbist, Composer, Educator

PASIC is one of the most amazing gatherings of artists around! It is inspiring to see musicians from so many diverse styles of music come together to learn from each other. It is always a privilege to get to present at an event that has been so important to my career over the years. Anyone who is interested in learning and growing as a percussionist needs to make it to PASIC as it is an amazing event!

Tracy Wiggins

Coordinator of Percussion, The University of North Alabama

PASIC provides the best opportunity to get out and communicate with fellow percussionists. You can’t help but harvest the inspiration provided from new repertoire, meeting/listening to great clinicians, and seeing amazing performances. It’s also a great networking tool. Go now!

Sarah James

Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance, University of Central Oklahoma

This experience, from application to selection to performance, has been transformative for my students and the entire Mason Percussion program. The hard work, extra hours and dedication to bring so much music to such a knowledgeable audience has pushed the program to another level. I am deeply grateful to all those involved in PASIC for allowing Mason Percussion the chance to play both the new literature session and the focus day – I would encourage everyone to submit, participate and attend PASIC!

John Kilkenny

Director of Percussion Studies, George Mason University

Shake it up!  Rouse yourself from complacency! Immerse yourself in the wide, wonderful world of percussion! Learn from the world’s greatest percussionists and percussion teachers! Get inspired!  Meet new friends!  Attend PASIC!

Robert Damm

Professor of Music and Director of Music Education Partnerships, Mississippi State University

I’ve been here twice and so far it’s the absolute best convention I’ve ever been too.

Joaquin Rodriguez

I go to PASIC to celebrate the unique community we share as drummers/percussionists – to be inspired, learn, and make new friends.

Joe Palmaccio

At the expo, a lot of booths sell things for lower prices than usual, especially on the last day of the convention, towards the end of the day. I got my favorite cymbal ever for half off this way. I highly recommend it.


The opportunity to present a Showcase Concert at PASIC has transformed our percussion program. The students and parents now have so much more understanding of what we are working for and what the benefits of their hard work can be! Everyone had an incredible time both on stage and also as attendees at PASIC 2016, and the event is one our community will treasure for years to come. Our recording and concert was inspired by McCallum HS, Austin TX, in 2015; we hope we’ve played some small part in inspiring the next ensemble to apply to play at PASIC!

Emily Tannert

Percussion Director, East View High School, Wiley Middle School

It is always a true honor to perform at PASIC! The quality and diversity of music presented at PASIC is at once awe inspiring and humbling. We are part of a global art form, which is so wonderfully represented and encouraged by PAS. Thanks to PAS for the opportunity to be a part of such an extraordinary gathering of artists from around the world.

Anthony DiSanza

Professor of Percussion, Percussion Area Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison

It meant the world to my students at the University of Nebraska to perform a percussion ensemble showcase concert at PASIC. It is a rare opportunity to perform for what is hands down the most astute and receptive audience in our discipline and to present new pieces of music. I am inspired at PASIC every year and leave with what seems like a lifetime’s worth of things to listen to and practice. PAS is a wonderful, altruistic organization that continues to help spread excitement and knowledge to the next generation of percussionists.

Dr. Dave Hall

Assistant Professor of Percussion, Jazz Studies , University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I go because where else can you walk up to the industry giants and talk about random stuff? I had a really fun conversation with Billy Cobham about photography one year, and talked to Dave Weckl about videography and race cars another year.

Warren E LaFever

Great clinics this year! Got to see & be inspired by Will Kennedy, Billy Cobham, Jason Sutter, Carl Allen, Russ Miller, Pete Lockett, Alex Acuna, Luisito Quintero! Picked up some cool gear as well!

Bob Campbell


Great clinics and a well laid out exhibitor section. I can’t wait until next year!

Brody Ramone


Having performed at PASIC, being the most influential meeting for drummers and percussionists of all styles and genres, is truly an important achievement for me. Since I am passionate about the art of teaching and forwarding knowledge and skills to future generations of drummers I also appreciate the heavy focus on the educational side of things. This is where the future of drumming is at – and without conventions like PASIC we are likely to not only lose the heritage of our artform but also the personal and social side of this special brother- and sisterhood of drummers that makes us different from other musicians!”

Claus Hessler

Drummer, Author, Educator

PASIC had a positive impact on our career, because is simply the largest percussion event in the world, only the finest artists from around the world are invited to present at PASIC, and we performed there for the second year in a row! We love Percussive Arts Society, a friendly community of musicians who seek to help, educate and inform other musicians, for the present and for the next generations!

DUO SÁ de Percussão (Pedro & Janaína Sá, from Brazil)

The Percussive Arts Society has been an integral part of my life since 1993. I’ve benefited as a student, performer, and educator in countless ways. I’ve served on the Drum Set Committee and currently the University Pedagogy Committee and appreciate the opportunity to be part of the growth of our art. Young percussionists, there’s nothing in your percussive life that’ll compare to attending your first PASIC!

James W. Doyle

Percussionist and Educator

Last year’s PASIC was my first convention, and watching my professor and other wonderful artists perform was inspiring. PAS has helped me stay connected to the percussion world since I was in high school and has opened my eyes to many new aspects of the art.

Kazuomi Motoike

Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, University of Texas-Austin

This was my second PASIC that I attended and it did not disappoint! Whether it was the evening concerts, a competition, the expo, or the masterclasses/clinics, each event was so different and had something in particular to offer.  It’s amazing to be able to be exposed to such diverse topics and performances and overwhelming in the best possible way to be surrounded not only by everything percussion but all the talented percussionists and musicians who share the same interests as you.  I highly recommend this convention to any percussionist at any level–the opportunities and inspiration are endless.  Also, is it PASIC 2017 yet?

Eliana Alcocer