Q: What is the PASIC Sound Policy?

PAS has a strict Sound Policy during the convention. Please be considerate of others and adhere to the following rules:

  1. Instruments are not to be played for more than 60 seconds continuously.
  2. Volume level must be moderate (mf) or lower.
  3. Performances and rehearsals in exhibitor booths are strictly prohibited.

Failure to adhere strictly to this policy will result in the following:

  1. Warning. Offender’s Badge will be punched.
  2. 24-Hour Expulsion from the Exhibit Hall. Offender’s Badge will be punched a second time.
  3. Expulsion from the Exhibit Hall for the entire convention. Offender’s Badge will be punched a third time.
  4. Failure to cooperate with security will result in permanent expulsion from the entire convention and possibly future Percussive Arts Society events. All decisions by security staff are final. No refunds will be issued.

The above stated sound policy will be enforced and supported by the following measures:

  1. Sound monitors will be on duty in the exhibit hall during exhibition hours.
  2. Announcements in regard to the sound policy will be broadcast over the public address system in the exhibit hall at regular intervals.

Additional measures include:

  1. Sound monitors will be clearly identifiable with uniformed clothing.
  2. Sound monitors will be equipped with decibel meters and radios.
  3. Information about the sound policy will be disseminated to all exhibitors prior to the convention.
  4. Exhibitors that use amplification in their booth, including amplified TV monitors, are required to use headphones.

It is the intention of the Percussive Arts Society to find a balance with all exhibitors to allow the best possible experience for the largest amount of attendees. With everyone’s cooperation we can enjoy an environment that is acceptable for all and does not require punitive action by the Society against its members, either sustaining or individual. Thank you for your support and effort to make PASIC another success.

Q: Do I have to be a member of PAS to attend PASIC?
No. VIP, All Access, and International members receive significantly discounted pricing for 4-Day and 1-Day passes, which include access to all concerts, clinics, master classes, labs, workshops, panels, presentations and performances.

Those who wish to participate as part of the Marching Festival events, except DrumLine Battle, require VIP, All Access, or Group Membership.

Tickets for individual sessions and concerts are available for purchase, along with entrance to the International Drum and Percussion Expo, and membership is not required for those individual purchases.

Q: How do I register for PASIC?
You can register online, mail in the registration form, or call the PAS office at 317-974-4488. You can also register onsite. The earlier in the year you register, the larger the discount on registration fees.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
If you pre-register for the event, we accept personal checks, business checks, school P.O.s and credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC). If you are registering onsite, only cash and credit cards will be accepted.
Q: Do I have to register ahead of time?
No. While pre-registering will save you time and money, you do have the option of registering onsite. Forms will be available at the PASIC registration desk in Indianapolis.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Refunds are available up through October 31, with a cancellation fee of $50. There are NO refunds for cancellations that occur after October 31 (this includes individuals who are offered badges from exhibitors). If you wish to cancel your registration, please call the PAS office at 317-974-4488 or email .

Q: Does PAS offer professional development credit hours for attending PASIC?
Yes. Professional Development Credit Log hour sheets will be made available prior to PASIC.

All sessions may be considered for professional development credit. Individual states vary. After attending your last session, please go to the PAS Show Office to receive an authorizing signature and seal.

Q: What do I do if I lose my badge?
If you misplace your badge, you will need to get a replacement from the registration desk. There is a $100 fee to replace a missing badge.
Q: How many people will be at PASIC?

Over 5,700 people attend PASIC annually.

Q: Can I take pictures/video/recordings at PASIC events?

While you are welcome to take pictures (no flash please), video and audio recordings are NOT allowed in any performance/clinic/meeting. A special media badge is required for those doing recordings, and PAS reserves the right to stop and remove any individuals who ignore this policy.

Q: Are committee meetings open to all PAS members?

Yes. PAS committee meetings are a great way to be involved as a PAS member. All committee meetings are open to any registered PAS member that wants to attend.

Q: I would like to help out at PASIC. What are my options?

If you are an active member of PAS, the Logistics Team allows you to help out at PASIC, receive a free t-shirt, attend for free, and have the chance to win prizes at the end of the convention. For more information on the Logistics Team click here.

Those who aren’t members of PAS are encouraged to join our Volunteers Crew. These individuals will also receive a free t-shirt, along with free admission to PASIC.

Q: When is the schedule for PASIC available?

While the dates for each year’s PASIC are usually available a few years ahead of the event, the lineup of concerts and clinics is posted in late August. However, the schedule is always subject to change. Be sure to download the Guidebook app for the most up-to-date scheduling info. There will also be a schedule available in the PASIC program and on the PASIC website.

Q: Where are all the events held?

The location of all the events and meetings varies from year to year, depending on the city where PASIC is being held. Details on which rooms the various clinics, concerts, competitions, and meetings will be held in are available in the PASIC Guidebook app, the PASIC Program, and the PASIC grids. PASIC is scheduled to take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Indiana Convention Center through 2028.

Q: How accessible is the convention from the hotel/airport?

Again, this answer varies on which city PASIC is being held in, but PAS always make an effort to make sure there is a good quantity of hotels within a short distance to the convention center.  Shuttles to and from those hotels to the airport are also a strong consideration of ours. For more detailed travel information on this year’s PASIC visit our Travel Information and City Guide section.

Q: Is there an official hotel for PASIC? Are there group rates available?

Yes. There are several hotels offering discounts for PASIC attendees through mci USA, the official PASIC Housing Bureau. You may make PASIC hotel reservations by calling the PASIC Housing Bureau at 877-557-5332 (US & Canada) or 972-349-5856 (International). For groups reserving more than 10 rooms, you must call the PASIC Housing Bureau for assistance. To avoid being charged a no-show fee from the hotel, you must cancel your reservation prior to the cancellation policy stated on your hotel confirmation.