The Concert Chamber Percussion Ensemble Competition provides a competitive avenue for collegiate and high school-level small percussion ensembles. 




Ensembles are divided into High School and University divisions, with High School ensembles performing in the morning, and University groups performing in the afternoon. Each ensemble must consist of 3–8 performers. The competition will be held in one of our clinic/concert rooms, featuring theater-style seating.

All ensemble members must be current members of the Percussive Arts Society at the VIP or All Access individual level, or part of an active Group Membership, through November 30, 2020. It is the Director’s responsibility to verify all ensemble participants are active PAS Members prior to submitting the roster. Participating students can join PAS, or renew their membership here.


  • Directors must be a current PAS member at the VIP or All Access level, or the director of a school Group Membership, through November 30, 2020.
Any high school or university ensemble may enter. All ensemble members must be full-time students at the high school or university they are representing. High School ensembles who have Jr. High / Middle School students participating in the ensemble will need to be given special consideration to participate. Please contact the PAS offices at (317) 974-4488 for details.

The Percussive Arts Society requires all ensembles to document copyright law compliance. Please complete the Copyright Clearance form including the composer, arranger, and copyright owner for each selection to be performed, even if you own the copyright. If you are performing an arrangement of a copyrighted work, submit the Request for Permission to Arrange form to the copyright holder. Please note that the copyright holder is not always the composer of the work. Completed forms must be submitted to Percussive Arts Society no later than October 1, 2020. Without this documentation on file, ensembles will not be allowed to perform at PASIC.

  • Entries must include completed Registration Form and payment. Entries will be accepted in the order they are received. If applications are received on the same day, performance order will be determined by a random draw at the PAS office.
  • Space is limited to one ensemble per school until September 1. After this date, a school may apply for additional ensembles to compete, if space is available. A category must have at least two ensembles to be considered a competition. If there is only one ensemble in a given category, that group may perform in exhibition for comments only.
  • All registration forms and documentation must be received by the Percussive Arts Society on or before October 1, 2020. The complete schedule for the Concert Chamber Ensemble Competition will be posted on the PASIC website by the end of October.
  • 16 ensembles per division (high school and university – 32 ensembles total)
  • Each ensemble is responsible for providing their own equipment. PAS does not provide storage for instruments.
  • Participating ensembles must have no less than 3 and no more than 8 players. This competition EXCLUDES contemporary marching percussion instrument ensembles, such as cymbal, bass drum, marching snare, and multi-tenor ensembles.
  • Ensembles using piano or electronic accompaniment will be disqualified.

Participation fees are non-refundable. A service charge of $25 will be charged for any returned checks. Please note: Ensembles that are not accepted to perform will be refunded all participation fees. PAS is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred.


After receiving your registration confirmation email, complete your copyright/arrangement forms. Final payment and completed forms must be submitted to Percussive Arts Society no later than October 1, 2020.