About Dr. Arin Levy

Dr. Arin Levy (they/them; founder – Enso Sounds) is a percussionist and sound artist of Cuban-American descent, based in Denver, CO. They have studied music their entire life, earning degrees in western percussion, music theory, and experimental sound art. Arin has combined these skills with their experience as a student of mindful meditation and yogic practices to inform their movement through life, and launch their self-lef business, Enso Sounds & Healing Arts. Enso Sounds & Healing Arts is dedicated to providing a space to listen in a new manner through sound baths, movement, and meditation, particularly for folx within the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. This practice encourages us to quiet the mind and observe the sounds around and within us. Together in these spaces, we focus on connection and community, even if that community is the self. Through gentle movement and listening practices we will open the mind to the natural patterns of the body.


Photo Credit: Carly Cowen